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Foucault and lolspeak

Lolspeak is the ‘pigeon’ language that is used to caption cats on the I can has cheezburger site. Lolcats, as I have mentioned earlier in this blog, have become an internet meme.

I suppose it’s inevitable that people have started making Foucault lolcats – given the popularity of both the cats and Foucault. I feel somewhat ambivalent about these as Foucault tended to be somewhat more articulate than the average cat.

You can see them here

The Ancaster Demons

My rating: *

I have put up a review of this rather dire book simply as an excuse to introduce the only social networking site I have found to be of any use – Goodreads. This site allows you to keep a record of the books you read and to share your ratings and reviews of these books with friends. It also provides a handy html version of your posts for inclusion in your blog. In fact, I can credit Goodreads with giving me the idea for setting up this blog in the first place. Once I started keeping records of the books I read, I then wanted to record the films and television I watched as well. Unfortunately the film site corresponding to Goodreads, Flickstr, has a really horrible interface. In any case, it begins to get messy once you start proliferating sites. Keeping everything together in one place is much more manageable.

The other excuse for this post is that it allows me to include another lolcat.

The Ancaster Demons The Ancaster Demons by Norman Russell

My review

The first page and a half is a riff on ‘It was a dark and stormy night’ – but the novel does not live up to its gothic promise. It reads curiously like notes for a novel. It is devoid of heart and conviction as though the author were writing its cliché characters and situations almost absent-mindedly to formula. I didn’t bother finishing but skipped through to see what happened at the end – which was of course predictable.

A story about the cat below would possibly have been more interesting.

My rating: ****

funny pictures

Peer review

My rating: ***

Continuing on with the same theme…


For those of you came in late, ‘lolcats’ is a phenomenon that really took off on the net early in 2007 – although it dates back to around 2005. It involves photos – usually of cats – with funny captions in broken misspelt ‘Engrish’ in a sans serif font. See dicey font of wisdom Wikipedia for further info.

The two main lolcat sites are I can has cheezburger? and lol cats

I have decided to categorise lolcats as an ‘internet meme’ (which others have done before me in any case). I am a bit ambivalent about this whole notion of ‘meme’ but will go with it for the time being. I am using the word in the sense of an idea or other cultural unit that captures people’s imagination and spreads like wildfire. Here are a couple of references: Wikipedia (aaaargh not again!), Meme central. Malcolm Gladwell’s notion of the ‘tipping point‘ covers similar ground to this particular definition of meme. He is similarly ambivalent about the notion of memes.