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Lolspeak is the ‘pigeon’ language that is used to caption cats on the I can has cheezburger site. Lolcats, as I have mentioned earlier in this blog, have become an internet meme.

I suppose it’s inevitable that people have started making Foucault lolcats – given the popularity of both the cats and Foucault. I feel somewhat ambivalent about these as Foucault tended to be somewhat more articulate than the average cat.

You can see them here

One thought on “Foucault and lolspeak

  1. ancient regime says:

    Hello Clare,
    I found your blog only recently, and like it very much!

    So, lolcat speach and Foucault….”ur panopticon” is brilliant, I think, but the rest is…a little so la la. A bit strange when Foucault starts to speak lolcat, whitout any lolcat in sight.


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