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I know a lot of people out there scour the net for information on Foucault in particular. You are most welcome to use the writing in this blog on condition that you acknowledge it as a source. To assist you, here are some examples of academic formats for citation.

For a useful page on how to cite blogs in MLA, APA and Chicago style see this Yale College page

This site on how to add citations to your work is useful as well.

O’Farrell, Clare. “Title of blogpost.” Weblog. Refracted Input. [posting date.] [date of access] [url of post]

O’Farrell, Clare. “Foucault and structuralism.” Weblog. Refracted Input. 3 December 2008. 5 January 2009

O’Farrell, C. [(posting date).] [title of entry.] Refracted Input. [Retrieved date of access,] [url of post]

O’Farrell, C. (2008, December 3.) Foucault and structuralism. Refracted Input. Retrieved January 5, 2009,

Chicago reference
[footnote number] O’Farrell, [title of post]

Chicago Bibliography example
O’Farrell, Clare. “Foucault and structuralism,” Refracted Input, (December 3, 2008) (last visited January 5, 2009).

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