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Jo VanEvery, The Scholarly Writing Process (A Short Guide)
Published November 1, 2016
Ebook: ISBN 978-1-912040-72-8
Paperback (178 x 111 mm): ISBN 978-1-912040-00-1

Getting stuck is a normal part of the writing process, even for experienced writers. My aim in publishing this Short Guide is to help you generate new writing projects, keep your writing projects moving forward, and ensure that your writing process results in publications. Designed so you can refer to it whenever you get stuck, this Short Guide breaks down the scholarly writing process into stages and provides both a description of that stage and writing prompts to help you get unstuck.

Table of Contents:
Preface: How to use this Short Guide
Introduction: Writing as Process & Product
Moving Your Project Forward
From process to product: Who are you writing for?
Determining which writing products to prioritize
Refining a specific writing product
What is finished?
Getting another perspective
Submission, Revision, publication
And you keep writing

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