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Now I have a frankly all too short period of long service leave, I am taking the opportunity to update the design and content on my blogs and re-organise what goes where. The net has changed a lot over the years since I first put my Foucault site online in 1997! I have retitled this blog with my own name so I can consolidate and organise a number of my online activities and broaden the activities on this blog. I am also in the process of combining my and my Foucault News sites.

It was a bit of a mission finding the right free template on (I wasn’t keen to take out a second premium account – I have one already on Foucault News). As there are a fair few quotations on this blog, I wanted a blockquote style which wasn’t in italics (too hard to read) and also made it clear to readers the distinction between quotations and my own text. Another issue was finding text that was dark enough. Grey text is hard to read.

To assist me in my labours I am currently staying at this lovely beach.

2 thoughts on “Blog redesign (2018)

  1. paolo says:

    Hi Clare

    if it can be useful for you we have our website made with this wp layout

    that is enough flexible, but with only one available menu (even if it’s possible to avoid this issue).

    have a nice day in the sand…you lucky




  2. Clare O'Farrell says:

    Hi Paolo
    Many thanks for this. I had a look at the Lovecraft theme and it looks great – particularly the banner section. My only problem with it is that it does blockquotes in italics. The one I’m currently using is Franklin This one is pretty good. I just have to do a bit of tweaking of the main banner and then I will be happy.

    I’m at the beach for two weeks. It is fantastic and the weather is nice at the moment.

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