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Still from Jacques Tati's film Playtime (1967)

Still from Jacques Tati’s film Playtime (1967)

I have put together a general – but still very select – bibliography of material on open-plan office design, which you can download as a PDF. All items have links for easy consultation.

The bibliography includes the following subheadings:

  • Academic articles on open-plan: General
  • Academic articles on open-plan: Universities
  • Online newspaper and magazine articles/Websites: General
  • Online newspaper and magazine articles/Websites: Universities
  • The history of open-plan office design
  • Articles/Websites on the ‘combi-office’
  • Sick building syndrome
  • Audio-visual
  • Books

See also another select bibliography by Peter Lugosi

2 thoughts on “General bibliography on open-plan office design (2015)

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    A bibliography on open plan offices, following up from one of the pieces I linked to last week.


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