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I’ve been interested for a while in challenging notions of human exceptionalism and the nature/human civilization divide. A definitional paper I’ve come across.

Carlos Roberto Bernardes de Souza Júnior, “More-than-human cultural geographies towards co-dwelling on earth.” Mercator – Revista de Geografia da UFC 20, no. (2021):1-10. Redalyc,

Established as a counterpoint to culture-nature dualisms, the concept of more-than-human refers to the worlds of the different beings co-dwelling on Earth, including and surpassing human societies. Based on this notion and coming from different philosophical perspectives, including post-phenomenology, non-representational theory, eco-feminism, and post-humanism, cultural geographers have sought to broaden their interpretations to decipher the spatial multiplicities of living in the Anthropocene. This essay characterizes the more-than-human Cultural Geographies of Anglophone countries, which use artistic, literary, narrative, and experimental inter and transdisciplinary practices. ?ese approaches facilitate artistic, narrative, and creative geographical practices that create opportunities for immersion in and expression of shared worlds. Cultural geographers employ vital, atmospheric, affective, and corporeal studies to reveal complex multi-species arrangements of co-vulnerability and reciprocity experienced in modern-day places of tension. Understanding these earth-dwelling tessituras enables us to decipher terrestrial writings that contrapose hegemonic human exceptionalism.

Keywords: More-than-human Worlds, Anthropocene, Dwelling

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