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I’ve found that recently I have been spending far too much time reading Twitter. As everyone knows the interfaces of various social media are deliberately designed to be addictive and the infinite scroll and chaotic ordering on Twitter was playing havoc with my researcher brain, trained over the years to find all the information and then put it in some kind of order.

So after having a look around for a solution, I found that I already had one on tap in another software program, namely Feedly, an RSS reader I have been using for many years. All I needed to do was upgrade my subscription to take advantage of its feature which allows the user to subscribe to specific Twitter accounts as RSS feeds. What this means is that I can now view the Twitter accounts in Feedly in separate chronological order under each individual account. I can also organise how they appear (titles, full article, magazine format, card format etc.) in my feed. In the screenshot below, I have organised them in title form which allows me to quickly scan to check if anything is of interest and then mark as read, which then hides them from my view. No infinite scroll, no chaotic ordering and once read, no more appearances in my current interface.

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