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Olivier Dekens, La philosophie sur grand écran: Manuel de cinéphilosophie. Paris: Ellipses, 2007
My rating: ***

La philosophie sur grand écran : Manuel de cinéphilosophieLa philosophie sur grand écran : Manuel de cinéphilosophie by Olivier Dekens

I really like the format of this book – in terms of how it works as a teaching text. Each short chapter consists of a brief commentary on a set philosophical concept, a short text from a well-known philosopher (and not just the old ones – but thinkers such as Lacan and Foucault) and then a review of a relevant film. The concepts examined are all part of the curriculum for the final year program for philosophy in French schools.

One small quibble I had with this work is that although the film reviews were quite good and interesting – they didn’t integrate except superficially with the philosophical concepts under discussion.

Nonetheless this would serve as a fairly good introduction to European philosophy using the medium of film.

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