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Spoiler alert
My rating: ***

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This film is a remake and update of the 1971 Charlton Heston film The Omega Man. Will Smith plays a scientist struggling to survive in a post apocalyptic world inhabited by humans who have been turned into rabid monsters by a mutated virus that was originally engineered to cure cancer. At the time the film begins it is almost four years since the virus hit and in that time he has been working on a cure. The film is a tense watch with plenty of horror and Smith is a convincing hero.

Numbers of people have complained about the ending. After leading us to believe that Will Smith’s character is the last true human on earth, a woman and a child turn up and at the end we discover that there is a whole settlement of immune humans who have survived the attacks of the mutants and that they will be able to save the Earth using the cure the hero has developed. I didn’t actually mind this ending but it was less satisfyingly bleak and uncompromising than the ending of The Omega Man where the hero truly is the last man on Earth (hence the title). It is suggested however (religious symbolism to the fore) that his blood leaking into the water supply will lead to the beginnings of a cure.

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